Database : Modern Land Snails from the Jura Mountains



Emmanuel Fara (2015): Modern Land Snails from the Jura Mountains. Laboratoire Biogéosciences (UMR 6282). FR-18008901306731-2015-03-01

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Identifier : local : FR-18008901306731-2015-03-01
Description :
Field survey of extant gastropods occurring along the western edge of the Jura Mountains
Disciplines :
biodiversity conservation (applied biology - ecology), ecology (applied biology - ecology), zoology (applied biology - ecology)
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Dates :
Data acquisition : from 2014 ongoing
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Creation : 1 Jan 2015
Update : 26 Feb 2018

Update periodicity : annually
Language : French (fra)
Audience : General, Middle school Education, Community College, University: licence, University: master, Research, Informal Education, Amateur


Spatial coverage :

  • Jura Mountain: latitude between 47° 9' 57" N and 46° N, longitude between 5° E and 7° E

Taxonomic coverage :

  • Gastéropodes continentaux à coquilles
    Gastropoda Catalogue of Life (Gastropods)

Administrative metadata

Data creatorAffiliation
Emmanuel FaraBiogéosciences (FRA)
Jean BéguinotBiogéosciences (FRA)data collector
Jean-Louis DommerguesBiogéosciences (FRA)data collector
Emmanuel FaraBiogéosciences (FRA)data collector
Olivier GargominyMNHN (FRA)data collector
Publisher : Laboratoire Biogéosciences (UMR 6282)
Label : Zone Atelier Arc Jurassien
Science contact : Emmanuel Fara website e-mail
Computing contact : Francis Raoul website e-mail
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Access : restricted
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To access the data, please contact the scientific data manager.

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Datatype : Database
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