Database : Structural dataset in the Montagne Noire migmatitic dome (French Massif Central)



Pierre Trap ; Nicolas Carry (2016): Structural dataset in the Montagne Noire migmatitic dome (French Massif Central). Laboratoire Chrono-environnement (UMR 6249). FR-18008901306731-2016-01-21

General metadata

Identifier : local : FR-18008901306731-2016-01-21
Description :
The structural dataset gives the orientation of structural elements (bedding, cleavage, foliation, lineation, etc.). The data are georeferenced in the World Geodetic System 1984.
Disciplines :
geology (sciences of the universe), geosciences, multidisciplinary (sciences of the universe)
Keywords :

Dates :
Data acquisition : from Apr 2010 ongoing
Metadata record :
Creation : 21 Jan 2016
Update : 5 Apr 2019

Language : English (eng)
Audience : General


Spatial coverage :

  • Montagne Noire: latitude between 43° 45' 35" N and 43° 15' N, longitude between 1° 49' 48" E and 3° 15' E, between 20m and 1165m of altitude

Time coverage :

  • Variscan period: between -540 Ma and -290 Ma

Administrative metadata

Data creatorsAffiliation
Pierre TrapChrono-environnement (FRA)
Nicolas CarryChrono-environnement (FRA)
Publisher : Laboratoire Chrono-environnement (UMR 6249)
Science contact : Pierre Trap website e-mail
Computing contact : Pierre Trap website e-mail
Access : restricted
Access details :
To access the data, please contact the scientific data manager.

Technical metadata

Data acquisition methods :
Datatype : Database


  • Rabin, M., TRAP, P., Carry, N., Freville, K., Cenki-Tok, B., Lobjoie, C., Goncalves, P., Marquer, D. 2015. Strain partitioning along the anatectic front in the Variscan Montagne Noire massif (southern French Massif Central), Tectonics, 34, 1709–1735 (doi:10.1002/2014TC003790)
  • Trap, P., Roger, F., Cenki-Tok, B., Paquette, J.L. 2016.Timing and duration of partial melting and magmatism in the Variscan Montagne Noire gneiss dome (French Massif Central). International Journal of Earth Sciences. in press (doi:10.1007/s00531-016-1417-x)
  • Fréville, K., Cenki-Tok, B., Trap, P., Rabin, M., Leyreloup, J.L., Regnier, R., Whitney, D.L. 2016. Thermal interaction of middle and upper crust during gneiss dome formation: example from the Montagne Noire (French Massif Central). Journal of Metamorphic Geology. (doi:10.1111/jmg.12188)
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