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Sylvie Damy ; Bernard Debray ; Gaëlle Laporte ; Raphaël Melior ; Hélène Tisserand (2016): dat@OSU. Observatoire Terre, Homme, Environnement, Temps, Astronomie (UAR 3245). doi:10.25666/DATAOSU-2016-06-27

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Identifier : local : FR-18008901306731-2016-06-27 external : doi:10.25666/DATAOSU-2016-06-27
Description :
dat@OSU is a Metadata platform proposed by the Observatoire des Sciences de l’Univers Terre Homme Environnement Temps Astronomie (OSU THETA). It provides a description of digital data sets from scientific research led in the different laboratories and teams.
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Data acquisition : from 2015 ongoing
Data provision : 26 Apr 2016
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Creation : 27 Jun 2016
Update : 9 Sep 2020

Update periodicity : continually
Language : French (fra)
Audience : General, Community College, University: licence, University: master, Research, Stakeholder, Policy maker, Informal Education, Amateur

Administrative metadata

Data creatorsAffiliation
Sylvie DamyChrono-environnement (FRA)
Bernard DebrayUTINAM (FRA)
Gaëlle LaporteOSU THETA (FRA)
Raphaël MeliorOSU THETA (FRA)
Hélène TisserandOSU THETA (FRA)
Observatoire Terre, Homme, Environnement, Temps, Astronomie (UAR 3245) (FRA)data collector
Equipe Spectroscopie Moléculaire, Processus Collisionnels et Application du laboratoire interdisciplinaire Carnot de Bourgogne - ICB (UMR 6303) (FRA)research group
Institut UTINAM (UMR 6213) (FRA)research group
Laboratoire Biogéosciences (UMR 6282) (FRA)research group
Laboratoire Chrono-environnement (UMR 6249) (FRA)research group
Publisher : Observatoire Terre, Homme, Environnement, Temps, Astronomie (UAR 3245)
Science contact : contact dat@OSU website e-mail
Computing contact : Raphaël Melior e-mail
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Access : available

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Formats : text/html, text/xml
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Datatype : Database
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