Dataset : Pollen analysis - Avenches (Suisse, Vaud), Boat n°3, Roman museum

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Hervé Richard (2018): Pollen analysis - Avenches (Suisse, Vaud), Boat n°3, Roman museum. ArcheoLabs Sarl. doi:10.25666/DATAOSU-2018-07-09

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Identifier : local : FR-18008901306731-2018-07-09 external : doi:10.25666/DATAOSU-2018-07-09
Description :
Two moss samples taken from a Roman boat. This moss ("Neckera crispa") was used to caulk the gaps between the construction elements of this boat. The pollens preserved in these mosses are dominated by beech, fir and spruce so these mosses were probably collected on the limestone sides of the Jura mountain, between 700 and 1100 m altitude.
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archaeology (humanities), environmental sciences (sciences of the universe), paleontology (sciences of the universe)
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Data acquisition : 1987
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Creation : 9 Jul 2018
Update : 21 May 2021

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Hervé RichardChrono-environnement (FRA)
Christian OrcelArcheoLabs (FRA)data collector
Gilles BaillyCBNFC-ORI (FRA)data collector
Publisher : ArcheoLabs Sarl
Science contact : Hervé Richard e-mail
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  • Observational data :
    Echantillons prélevés sur une des barques romaines du musée d'Avenches.
    Préparation physico-chimique à la liqueur lourde.
    Détermination et comptage des spores et des pollens au microscope.
Datatype : Dataset


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  • Rapport d'analyse. (Archives du Musée Romain d'Avenches - 1580 Avenches - Suisse)
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