Dataset : Phytomanagement - Tavazzano (IT)



Michel Chalot (2021): Phytomanagement - Tavazzano (IT). Laboratoire Chrono-environnement (UMR 6249). FR-18008901306731-2021-03-26

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Identifier : local : FR-18008901306731-2021-03-26
Description :
In the frame of the NETFIB project, the project partners study the production of nettle in agro-forestry systems, within a poplar-phytomanaged plantation, aiming at lowering the impact of degradation of polluted sites while maximazing ecosystem services. The objective of the production of the industrial plant nettle is addressed by using existing polluted sites, and more specifically by implementing a demonstration site at Tavazzano (Italy). A co-cropping poplar nettle/plantation has been established in 2019 at this site adopting a set of management options defined within the NETFIB consortium. Ecosystem services delivery will be assessed for the entire duration of the project. Soil samples, representative of the agro-forestry system adopted at the Tavazzano (Italy) site, will be collected and analysed in order to investigate the suitability of the developed phytotechnologies in potential restoring soil structure, functions and quality, positively influencing ecosystem services.
Disciplines :
forestry (applied biology - ecology), mycology (applied biology - ecology), cell biology (fundamental biology), microbiology (fundamental biology), engineering, environmental (sciences of the universe), environmental sciences (sciences of the universe)
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Data acquisition : from 2019 ongoing
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Creation : 26 Mar 2021

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Data produced as part of the Ph-D of:
- Chloé VIOTTI, doctoral student, co-supervised by Michel CHALOT (PR), Ph-D director and Coralie BERTHEAU-ROSSEL, Ph-D co-director (MCF)
Audience : University: master, Research, Stakeholder, Informal Education


Spatial coverage :

  • Tavazzano: latitude between 45° 19' 31" N and 45° 19' 4" N, longitude between 9° 24' 6" E and 9° 24' 30" E

Time coverage :

Taxonomic coverage :

  • Plantes, Champignons, Bactéries, Insectes
    Bacteria (Bacteria), Plantae (Plant), Fungus (Fungi)
    Insecta (Insect)

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Data creatorAffiliation
Michel ChalotChrono-environnement (FRA)
Vincent PlacetFEMTO-ST (FRA)project member
Benoit ValotChrono-environnement (FRA)project member
Coralie Bertheau-RosselChrono-environnement (FRA)project member
David CazauxINOVYN (FRA)project member
Stefano AmaducciUCSC (ITA)project member
Andrea FerrariniUCSC (ITA)project member
Stéphane PfendlerChrono-environnement (FRA)project member
Chloé ViottiChrono-environnement (FRA)project member
Publisher : Laboratoire Chrono-environnement (UMR 6249)
Science contact : Michel Chalot website e-mail
Computing contact : Benoit Valot e-mail
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