About dat@OSU

dat@OSU is a Metadata platform proposed by the Observatoire des Sciences de l’Univers Terre Homme Environnement Temps Astronomie (OSU THETA). It provides a description of digital data sets from scientific research led in the different laboratories and teams.

dat@OSU is focused on referencing and promoting data concerning the plurality of different scientific disciplines.

Therefore it aims to contribute to the free access to data issued from public research (Open Research Data), promoted at international, European and French levels.

What does dat@OSU allow ?

dat@OSU is intended to be a platform open to all in order to :
  • increase the visibility of data through a detailed and structured description (metadata record) of data sets and databases,
  • facilitate access and data discovery by providing metadata in collaboration with data producers,
  • promote the dissemination and reuse of research data,
  • provide structured metadata derived from international standards that finely describe the information about Research Data,
  • assist data providers by using the tools of the dat@OSU platform.


Access and consultation of metadata records published on the portal are free.

Informations about described data are subject to the verification of their providers to ensure the best possible reliability. The providers will answer your requests sent through the platform, concerning their data.


Any kind of research data can be described by an input interface. Access to this interface is reserved for any people registered in the platform.

Access to the input interface can be made on request to the dat@OSU team via the registration form.

This description makes use of metadata records.

In order to support the online publishing of this metadata, the dat@OSU team is listening for data providers to provide them any assistance they may need.

To this end, a help is available in the reserved area of the portal to guide users at best in their metadata input.

Data display on the portal requires a counterpart from researchers. They undertake to respond to the requests of anyone wishing to access the data.


In the future, the portal will be interoperable with existing external services, enabling description forms on the platform to be re-exposed to the outside.

Portal development

The platform was launched on April 26, 2016. dat@OSU is continually being improved; we encourage you to let us know any problems you see in the course of your browsing by using this form.


Project management :
  • Sylvie Damy (associate professor, laboratoire Chrono-environnement, UFC),
  • Bernard Debray (engineer, Institut UTINAM, CNRS)
Information management :
  • Gaëlle Laporte (engineer, OSU THETA) until 31 March 2017,
  • Hélène Tisserand (engineer, OSU THETA, CNRS) since 1st July 2017

IT development : Raphaël Melior (engineer, OSU THETA, CNRS)

Correspondents in laboratories :
  • Vincent Boudon (senior researcher, LICB, CNRS),
  • Benjamin Pohl (researcher, Biogéosciences, CNRS),
  • Francis Raoul (associate professor, laboratoire Chrono-environnement, UFC),
  • Céline Reylé (astronomer, institut UTINAM, Observatoire),
  • Martine Pochard (responsible for document information system, SCD, UFC)

Creation of dat@OSU logo : Estelle Franc (graphist designer, engineer assistant, laboratoire Chrono-environnement, UFC)

Third-party components :
  • To show maps of the world we use OpenLayers licensed under BSD 2-Clause License. OpenLayers internally use code from Chris Veness licensed under CC-BY-3.0.
  • Maps itself comes from OpenStreet Map.
  • The SVG version of the world map commes from Canuckguy and many others (see File history) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
  • To show sky maps we use a modified version of Aladin Lite (CDS, Strasbourg Observatory, France) avialable under GPL3 licence. Modified version are available here. Consult the "MODIFS" file (in french) included in the archive for details of modifications made.
  • Images of the sky comes from the survey you have selected.
  • Aladin Lite uses JQuery under MIT licence.
  • Constellations comes from the UAI and converted to JSON by Olaf Frohn, D3 celestial (BSD license)


dat@OSU’s realization was financed thanks to OSU THETA, Région Franche-Comté, Université de Franche-Comté and CNRS support.

OSU-THETA Conseil régional de Franche-Comté UFC CNRS
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