dat@OSU's policy

Version date : April 25, 2016

This charter aims to define rules and practices which must respect any registered user to dat@OSU (called below "user"). This text is not exhaustive in terms of responsibilities, laws or ethics; it does not replace such laws or the rules and practices in force in higher education and research institution to which the user belongs.

Terms of access

To request his registration to dat@OSU, the user has to belong to the higher education and/or research, or partner structure.
The data that may be described in the portal must meet the following criteria:
  • be accessible or shareable under condition with the scientific community,
  • present a scientific interest.
The registration request is made by means of a registration form. This one is validated by the team of dat@OSU within two weeks (except during holidays).

User responsibility

User is guarantor of his/her data and of their scientific quality. He shall assume responsibility for the ability to communicate its data.
The user agrees:
  • to update, when necessary, the information in its metadata record.
  • to answer to requests anyone who wishes to ask for access to the data.
  • to inform any person mentioned in one of its metadata records or any person related to the described data.
The user shall inform dat@OSU about the termination of its attachment to the host structure. The images used as thumbnails must be free of rights.
Furthermore a formal authorization of authors, eligible parties or photographed people is needed.

dat@OSU responsibility

dat@OSU ensures metadata management, but in no case data management themselves.
Deleting the data referencing related to the user, can be carried out at the express request of the user. Information will be removed within six months.
In case of portal interruption, the user will be informed as far as possible.

Publication of metadata

dat@OSU reserves itself the right to publish metadata on other portals related to sharing and accessibility of research data.
In order to grant better follow-up to each user, any interaction with dat@OSU must be made electronically using the form.

Acceptance of terms of use

The user acknowledges having read the conditions of use described in this document and expressly declares to accept them without reserve.
Terms of use