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Pollen analysis - Saint-Jeoire (F-74), Déviation de St-Jeoire

Natural site: section in glaciolacustrine sediment. One palynological sample, probably Oldest Dryas.

Pollen analysis - Saint-François-de-Sales (F-73), Les Creusates

Natural site: peat bog. 63 palynological samples. A reanalysis was taken by Elena Ortu while in the Edytem laboratory in Chambéry, and then by Fernand David (Aix-Marseille University).

Pollen analysis - Pierre-de-Bresse (F-71), Le Châtelet

Collected date : 1995

Natural site: meadow near an archaeological site. 10 palynological samples. Nearly sterile samples.

Pollen analysis - Pierre-de-Bresse (F-71), Au Meulat (Pré Jeandon)

Collected date : 1995

Natural site near tumulus. 6 palynological samples + 2 radiocarbon datings. Poor. 2 acceptable samples.

Pollen analysis - Oyonnax (F-01), Lac Genin

Natural site: peat bog in the north edge of the lake. 5 palynological samples. 1st half of the subatlantic period at 2.15 m depth. Should be looked by new analysis.

Pollen analysis - Pagny-sur-Moselle (F-54), En Navut

Collected date : 1986

Archaeological excavations. 12 palynological samples. Positive.

Pollen analysis - Pagny-sur-Meuse (F-55), Les Marais (Morte Fontaine)

Natural site: drilling in a swamp forest. 4 palynological samples. Should be looked by new analysis.

Pollen analysis - Présilly (F-74), A41, Eccorçon/Copponex

Collected date : 1998

Archaeological site, INRAP (ex AFAN) excavation. 43 palynological samples + 1 radiocarbon dating. Two sections (c and e). Very poor samples.

Pollen analysis - Prunay-Belleville (F-51), Voie de Baconnes/les Marquises

Collected date : 2007

Archaeological excavation. Only one palynological sample. Positive but with some bad conservation problems.

Pollen analysis - Robert-Espagne (F-55), Doline

Collected date : 1988

Natural site: section in a doline. 8 palynological samples. Negative or almost. Approximate geographical coordinates (village center).

Pollen analysis - Saint-Bonnet-de-Chavagne (F-26), Le Châtelard

Archaeological site: lime mortar from a wall. Only one palynological sample. Test in the mortar of the fortified house.

Pollen analysis - Saint-Girod (F-73), Argiles d'Albens (Les Epinettes ?)

Natural site: section. 6 palynological samples. Top of the section in the "argiles d'Albens" (Albens clays)

Pollen analysis - Strasbourg (F-67), Caserne Barbade

Urban archaeological excavation. 10 palynological samples. "Urban" typical results.

Pollen analysis - Pierrefitte-sur-Sauldre (F-41), Le Tertre Gaillard

Collected date : 1996

Archaeological excavation. 4 palynological samples: positive. Very forest results: 38% of Tilia pollen.

Pollen analysis - Saint-Père-sous-Vézelay (F-89), Les Fontaines Salées (salt springs)

Collected date : 2000

Archaeological excavation. 2 palynological samples, one very rich.

Pollen analysis - Saint-Léger-près-Troyes (F-10), La Planche (?)

Collected date : 2012

Archaeological excavation. 6 palynological samples. Only one just positive sample.

Pollen analysis - Saint-Marcel (F-36), Argentomagus

Collected date : 1991

Archaeological excavation. 10 palynological samples. Nearly sterile.

Pollen analysis - Semécourt (F-57), Auchan

Collected date : 1993

Archaeological excavation. 11 palynological samples. Negative or nearly.

Pollen analysis - Bloye (F-74), Tourbière (étang) de Beaumont

Natural site: peat bog. 8 palynological samples. Tests for a future research.

Pollen analysis - Saint-Pierre-de-Curtille (F-73), Hautecombe

Lacustrin achaeological site. Six sub-lakeside drillings (n° 1 à 6). 54 palynological samples. Many levels with very bad conservation pollen (sand levels). Resuming the samples.

Pollen analysis - Serrières-de-Briord (F-01), La Chana (?)

Collected date : 2002

Natural site. Drilling. 8 palynological samples. Only 2 positive samples.

Pollen analysis - Sierentz (F-68), Landstrasse

Collected date : 1988

Archaeological site. Samplings in an ancient meander. 6 palynological samples; nearly sterile. Approximate geographical coordinates.

Pollen analysis - Sollières-Sardières (F-73), Les Balmes (entrance of cave)

Collected date : 1994

Archaeological excavation in entrance of a cave served as a sheepfold. 53 palynological samples + 10 radiocarbon datings. Several series: 1985, 1988, 1994. Only some acceptable samples.

Pollen analysis - Strasbourg (F-67), Place des Bateliers

Archaeological excavation. 18 palynological samples + 2 radiocarbon datings. 6 acceptable samples.

Pollen analysis - Luc-en-Diois (F-26), Lac du Claps (Petit Lac)

Natural site: lake formed in 1442 upstream a natural dam due to a rockslide. Drilling. 16 palynological samples. Opportunities to demonstrate seasonal rhythms.

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